Field oriented vector AC Drive, from 4kW (5Hp) to 90kW (125Hp)

* Power supply: 3 x 230 Vca (-15%) … 500 Vca (+5%), 50/60Hz;

* Motor power ratings from 4kW (5Hp) to 90kW (125Hp);

* Marks: CE. UL, cUL.


• Control mode:

- Field-oriented vector control with feedback,

- Open-loop vector control,

- Open-loop V/f control;

• Maximum output frequency: 500Hz (V/f),

300Hz (Field-oriented vector control with feedback), 150Hz

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The GEFRAN range of ADV100 inverters is specifically designed to give the utmost flexibility of application to modern automation systems and ensure ease of use, while guaranteeing advanced control capabilities for all asynchronous motors.

It features an intuitive programming environment to enable immediate motor start-up and system functions to implement control architectures for the most advanced application solutions, all with maximum energy efficiency.

The ADV100 is based on a fully modular structure with a choice of standard configurations, optional cards and integrated accessories such as EMC filters and mains chokes. All these elements offer real advantages in terms of product optimisation and savings in panel space and wiring costs, bringing considerable economic benefits.


• Brake Control of electromechanical parking brake mounted on the motor;

• 16 multispeeds and 4 multiramps (linear, S-shaped with independent jerk settings);

• Dedicated function for Energy Saving;

• PID controller, with value settings in engineering units;

• Two self-tuning Modes.


• Multilingual programming keypad with LCD screen (5 lines x 20 characters) and memory for 5 parameter sets;

• EMC filter;

• Input choke (standard from size 4300);

• Output chokes;

• Braking resistors;

• Incremental digital encoder feedback card (EXP-DE-I1R1F2-ADL);

• I/O expansion cards (EXP-IO-…-ADL).