V/f & Sensorless Vector, from 0.4 up to 11.0kW

* Power supply: 230V 1ph and 230-460V 3ph (±10%), 50/60Hz (±5%)

* Motor ratings from 0.4kW (0.5Hp) to 11kW (15.0Hp)

* Certifications: CE, UL and cUL

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The Inverter SIEIDrive – ADV50 concentrates all the characteristics required by modern industrial processes in a single product while at the same time complying with the typical needs of installers and system integrators who require forefront, practical solutions that are, above all, advantageous in terms of space and cost.

The ADV50, with its high level functions and integrated PLC, is the ideal solution to cater to the wide range of different application requirements of the automation sector, providing a simple but powerful method of operation and programming of the most modern control systems.

Applications: Roller door, Small elevator, Escalator, Parking device, X-Y axis of travelling crane; Dumpling maker, Food stirrer, Grinder, Small lathe, Milling machines, Injection molding (clamp); 4 side planer, Woodcarver, Wood working machine; Wastewater processing system, Costant pressure water treatment system, Air compressor; Heat exchange fans, Building water dispenser system; Round weaver, Cross weaver, Ribbon weaver, Printing press, Knitting machines; Pulverizer, Treadmil, Feeder, Industrial washing machine, Packing machine, Centrifuge.


3 points adjustable V/f curve

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Accel/decel S-Curve

Over-voltage/over-current stall prevention

5 fault records

Reverse inhibition

Momentary power loss restart

DC braking

Auto torque/slip compensation

Auto tuning adjustable carrier frequency

Output frequency limits

Parameter lock/reset

Built-in PID feedback control

Built-in PLC function

External counter

MODBUS communication

Abnormal reset

Abnormal re-start


Fan control

Sleep/wake frequency

1st/2nd frequency source selections

1st/2nd frequency source combination

NPN/PNP selection

Complete protection function


• Keypad

• Digital I/O Expansion cards

• DeviceNet module

• Profibus module

• CANopen module

• DIN-rail adapters

• Earthing plate

• USB-RS485 RJ45 Converter

• Braking Unit Module

• Standard keypad extension cable 2 mt

• Options on request only: Relays Expansion cards, Encoder Expansion card, USB 1.1 Expansion card, LonWorks module, Zero Phase Reactor, Digital Keypad for parameters copy