Space-Vector Inverter

* Power supply: 3 x 400Vac…480Vac, 50/60Hz

* Motor power ratings from 4kW (5Hp) to 7.5kW (10Hp)

* New installation and Retrofitting

* Speed range up to 1m/s with open loop

* Protection degree IP20

* Marks: CE


Output frequency 500Hz

Integrated braking module (optional external resistor)

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  • AGL50 is a set of drives dedicated to controlling 4 to 7.5 kW asynchronous motors for lifts.

    In view of its specific software, this series is particularly suitable for system modernisation and, generally, for all up to 1m/s open-loop applications.

    Simple, flexible programming, which can be managed using an alphanumeric keypad or PC configurator, permits fast start-up of the drive.


    • 16 multispeeds

    • 4 multiramps (linear, S-shaped with independent jerk settings)

    • Self-tuning of motor parameters

    • Integrated lift sequences

    • Speed expressed in m/s

    • Management of space calculated by the drive, even offline

    • Short floor Control

    • Motor contactor control

    • Integrated brake control

    • Speed regulator adaptive gain technology


    Dedicated EMC filters (in compliance with EN12015)

    Input and Output chokes

    Braking resistors