High rise
Traction lifts operate by using energy generated by the force of gravity. The lift car is linked to a series of steel cables that pass through a pulley system and are connected to a counterweight at the opposite end.

An inverter and an electric motor move the pulley on which the counterweight and lift car are suspended. The electric motor provides the force needed to break the balance between the car and the counterweight and to generate movement. The motor has a worm gear that controls the motor at low speed with high torque. In some cases, special low speed motors do not need worm gears and are used instead of standard motors attached to mechanical gears.

Gefran inverters in high speed cable systems ensure precise stopping at floor level and perfect system operation.

Vector inverter for lifts with synchronous/asynchronous motors ADL200 Vector inverter for lifts with synchronous/asynchronous motors ADL300


Low rise

Ideal for systems with speed up to 0.8m/s, AGL50 offers state-of-the-art control functions (HW, SW) and high performance for rapid and comfortable operation of “Basic Technology Lift Systems.”

Space-Vector Inverter AGL50


Mid rise
Gefran inverters in cable systems with speed up to 1.2 m/s provide greater versatility and efficiency than hydraulic lifts, perfect operating stability, and higher safety and performance levels.

Gefran offers solutions that adapt perfectly to any demand, with closed-loop and open-loop systems that provide maximum performance and precision.

Vector inverter for lifts with asynchronous motors ADL100