Coating on plastic

Components and Automation

GFX4-IR 4-zone modular power controller



Applications :: Film stretching – Motor speed control – Plastic film lines – Drive control

GFX4-IR 4-zone modular power controller Field-oriented vector inverter ADV200 Field oriented vector AC Drive ADV100


Granule drying

Case Histories

TR1 Resistance Thermometers for the Plastics Industry 600 Configurable Controller GTS – monophase solid state power units with heat-sink, VDC logic control


Injection moulding machine


KS pressure Transmitter SIL2 TK Pressure transmitter TPSA Pressure transmitter
LT Rectilinear displacement transducer PK Rodless rectilinear displacement transducer ONP1-A contactless magnetostrictive linear position transducer with Gefran ONDA Technology (analog output)
MK4S Contactless magnetostrictive linear position transducer (SYNCHRONOUS SERIAL OUTPUT) Field-oriented vector inverter ADV200
Servodrives XVy-EV